Freitag, 4. April 2014

DAYS OF DISTANCE - the classic pure longline meeting

Some final info for the "Days of Distance" in Stubenberg next weekend:

There are minor changes for the program: The official meeting will be from Friday to Sunday (11. to 13.). (Yes, there will be Longlines on Sunday, don't worry!) Anyone who wants to come on Thursday, feel free! But please contact me, because perhaps we will do some inofficial program, like highlining maybe?

The place is the same as in the previous years: By the Stubenberg lake (Neuwald Straße 27-66, 8223 - 47.227777, 15.802703). We have everything we need: Big trees, perfect lawn, toilets, a bar. We get a big tractor that we can put on top of a little hill and use as a fixed point, so the 250m Core (thanks to Landcrusing for support!) will have a comfortable low start.
Apart from that we will have lines from 10m up to 250m. and the Vienna Slackliners will bring their gear, so we will be able to rig everything we want. But if you like to bring your own longlines, feel free! We will have the perfect longline for everyone! So don't get scared by the 250m. :)

There is a campsite close to the area and I recommend you stay there. I got some funding so I can pay the camping costs for low budget travellers. (Adress:

On Saturday morning we want to do an open longline workshop. We will have lots of different gear and at least two dynamometers, so if you have anything you want to test or any technical questions, we will try to find the answers. (We will not do any tests on breaking strength however, so no ripping.)

On Saturday evening we can have barbecue on the campsite (depends on the weather). I will bring a grill and also some food, if there is money left from the camping costs. If the weather is bad, there are some good restaurants nearby with good pizza.

On Sunday morning there will be a little competition, powered by AustriAlpin: Everyone can bring his or her own pulley and we will find out who is strongest! You will pull against the dynamometer. The price is the newly developed AustriAlpin 50:50 Carabiner that opens on two sides - very useful for the amplifyer! Conditions: 5:1 pulleys with one amplification.

Another 50:50 goes to the one who had the longest journey.

I'd like to add that highlines will not be part of the official program. But there are highlinespots in the area and it is very likely that there will be something rigged in the 20m to 60m range.

So, let's hope for good weather and see you in Stubenberg!