Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015


I'm enjoying some good off-season time right now. Work, organizing the next Presentations, lots of climbing. Life at a different pace which is good from time to time.
But of course, slacklining is also on the schedule. Last week I went to see my friends in Vienna and checked out their gym for tricklining. Very sweet! 22m trickline, perfect pads. I enjoyed it a lot.
The following day turned out to be even more interesting. The guys from Vienna have this perfect longline spot where they can rig a 150m line with about 10m of sag. I asked them if we could rig it with a highlinesetup (with a backup rope under the line) because I was curious what it would feel like. I had tried this line before and found it desperately hard.

This time we didn't only have perfect weather – t-shirt in January! –, I also felt much more comfortable on the line. Still not comfortable enough to push through the zone where the line gets really high, but the feeling was great. I could use my experience from long highlines and played with the backup to keep the line calm.
This experience got me really motivated to start that intensive highline training weeks that I am planning. I want to get much stronger!
Soon …

(Thanks to Sebastian Wahlhütter for the pic.)