Montag, 15. Juni 2015

Yosemite Valley

I knew I had to visit this place at least once in my life. This is where my sport came from, this is where highlining was first practiced. I remember seeing footage of friends doing the Lost Arrow Spire highline and I was wondering: Can I also do it?

This year in April I finally had the chance to rig and send this line with my buddy Lukas Irmler. The Spire highline is an easy line by todays standards but it reminded me how far this sport has progressed. And it felt just great to walk on it in the evening light just before we took it down. Talking about progression: Even the ridiculously high 78m line at the falls went down 2nd go.

Apart from these achievements it was just a great trip with friends and a cool adventure. It was especially nice to meet Scott Balcom again, this inspiring and misterious guy who was the first to send the spire line. Not everything went as planned (stolen passport), but we were able to sort things out. Yosemite is a phantastic place and now I understand what all the excitement is about.

Thanks to adidas outdoor for support!
And special thanks to Sebastian Wahlhütter who joined us in our trip and took these amazing pictures.

You can read more about this adventure in the new issue of the Climax Magazine (in German). Articles in other media are also scheduled and will be announced!