Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

Highlinemeeting Monte Piana

Lately I was visiting the dolomites again. In Kaltern I did some filming with the ZDF for a big show together with Armin Holzer which will be on screen in october. Then I went directly to Monte Piana, where Armin was organizing a big Highline meeting.
The funniest thing happened just when I arrived. After a nice hike on the plateau I stepped on the first line I saw, totally underestimating the length. I felt weak when I crossed it 2nd go, with some ice on it at the end, not knowing it was 66m. I also did some other lines on the way, all alone. What a cool experience! I crossed most of the other highlines later and had a great time with all the friends I met. I especially liked the 50m (where you see me taking a nap) and a 30m+ heavy AustriAlpin threaded tubular. Felt like home! :)
Huge thanks to Armin, Ale and Aldo - the A Team - who organized everything perfectly!

The festival was fantastic. But something else really impressed me: On the plateau there were many dugouts and manmade caves from World War I. I remembered the bullets we found on the Tre Cime a year ago. I was imagining soldiers in a winter fight on this mountain. Shooting each other and freezing to death in the most beautiful alpine environment you could imagine. And now it was us, highliners from all over the world, just as young as the soldiers must have been back then, doing their thing as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Perhaps if we had been born in the wrong century, we would have been shooting each other. What a strange thought.
(Thanks to Christian Kruse for the nice picture!)