Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Skyscraper Highline Frankfurt

This is Tower 185 in Frankfurt, 200m high. On top of this building, there is an obvious spot for a highline, 30m long, between the two plateaus. Perfect but impossible, right?
Not quite. I was asked to contribute to this year's Wolkenkratzerfestival in Frankfurt, organized by Hit Radio FFH. It quickly turned out that Tower 185 would be perfect and the organizers shared my opinion.

So I will rig and walk this amazing line on 25. and 26. of May. Needless to say, the walk between the plateaus will be one of the absolute highlights of my slackline career. Maybe I would compare it with the Tre Cime highlines I did with Armin Holzer - this is the urban counterpart.
The project will be a showact for the festival and will for sure be spectacular to watch. But for me it's also satisfying from an aesthetic point of view. The location is fantastic for a highline. And it's high: The plateaus are at a height of roughly 185m. No urban highline has been higher.

I'd like to add that safety is of course a key requirement for such a performance. The interesting thing about highlining is that it looks dangerous, feels dangerous, but isn't dangerous, if you do your setup right. Anyone who gets interested in trying it for himself: Don't do it alone! Use a backup system! Read the books about it! And learn from experienced highliners.

There is also great interest by the media. That's good. Slacklining deserves that kind of attention. This happened when I presented the project in Frankfurt.