Montag, 18. März 2013


How do you train slacklining?
I hear this question quite often. Tricklining is quite obvious - you try certain tricks until you do them. But highlining and longlining? It's very hard to even understand what the difficulty is about. And these disciplines are very challenging mentally.
The trick for me is to stimulate my curiosity. I try lots of new things, things that I have never done before. But how do you do that when you already did a 300m longline? You can't do that every day. So I went searching for something crazy. I tried to make fun of difficulty. That was my approach.

I ended up walking the heaviest webbing on earth, filled with small lead balls. It shakes like crazy when you walk. Really difficult and amazing at the same time. Thanks to Peter Auer and the Vienna Slackliners!
The next step were superlong rodeolines (slacklines without tension - you hang them high in the trees, about 5m). Some years ago I was the first of the slackline community to walk on 50m long rodeolines. This year I tried 80m. Not so hard either. Lately I tried 70m on double webbing. Felt okay too. Right now I'm just running out of webbing without finding the limit.
I kept on experimenting: Very loose double webbing setups, very loose long highlines. Heavy long highlines. The tricky part about slackline training is that it usually happens in winter - outdoors. This means nasty conditions all the time. Making fun out of difficulty, right?
I'll go on until the weather on the mountains turns better. Then the serious business starts and I will be well prepared.