Montag, 18. März 2013


When you live a lifestyle that feels like holiday sometimes, what do you do when you really want to go on holiday?
I need changes of pace every now and then to feel fresh and focussed and to get a clear view on things. The answer for me is: Climbing. I love my annulal climbing holiday in winter, somewhere in southern Europe, where the sun is behind me and I climb in my T-Shirt.
I decided to visit my friend Lukas Irmler in Marseille. He moved there with his girlfriend only a few weeks ago and we wanted to explore the sport climbing crags of the Calanques.
They turned out to be just wonderful. We climbed routes up to 7b and did lots of onsighting. The rock was just as good as the scenery.
When you visit Lukas you know that there will be slacklining involved. One day we visited a very motivated local highline community. I did a very nice 50m highline which I enjoyed very much.
I had a great time. Thanks Lukas!