Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

Legendary 81m Highline on Peilstein

This is a very special line. First set up by Mich Kemeter in an attempt to break the world record, first walked years later by Alex Schulz, on sight - the first time this was achieved for such a long highline - and named "Bloody Red". I was there watching. On the same day, Faith Dickey walked it, which was the womens world record.
Hans Plank was the next to try it seriously and after several days, he walked it on a very slack and heavy Polyester setup.

When I was invited to do a long highline with Lukas Irmler for a special project by Adidas Outdoor - a live broadcast on the internet - it turned out that Peilstein would be perfect for this. Only days later I found myself standing at this amazing spot again. The weather conditions were difficult, dark and wet and misty and somehow hostile. Not a good feeling to be honest. I had to get the good mood from inside of me, especially when Lukas told me he was scared.

The walk on this line feels like a real journey. You just walk an walk out into open space and the other side doesn't seem to come any closer. I needed all my mental strength to convince myself that I can do it.
I'm so happy about my fullman walk! Lukas also walked it. We had a great time. Thanks o everyone involved!

Christian Kruse was there to film everything. Enjoy!