Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Urban Highline Frankfurt

It is done!
Last weekend I was able to establish what is - for me - the best urban highline to date. The spot is really obvious: Tower 185 is a 200m Skyscraper in Frankfurt with two platforms near the top, at a perfect distance of 30m. 

The setup was not really straight forward but we got our technical problems solved. Still I had no Idea what it would feel like. Good to know when you try to walk a highline in front of a huge crowd, right?
I have to admit, I was blown away by the feeling - especially each time I stepped on the balustrade and looked over the edge. The chasm between the platforms is breathtaking.
Peter Auer (who also walked the line OS FM) and I chose to call this special highline "Tribute to Philippe". 
It was an amazing experience. Thanks to Radio FFH for organizing this cool event and to everyone in the tower for being so nice and helpful all the time! Big thanks also go to Peter Auer, Vienna Slackliners,, Andreas Kleindl, AustriAlpin and Adidas.
(Pic by Radio FFH)