Montag, 18. November 2013


Highlining is becoming more and more popular, not just for spectators. The numbers of active highliners are increasing steadily and I understand that because it's just such a cool thing to do.
One can watch the progress when visiting some of the cool highline meetings in Europe. Lots of new faces, lots of passion and people improving really fast bringing some fresh motivation also for the old-schoolers like me.

I had the chance to visit two good highline meetings this year. The first was Armin Holzers event on Monte Piana in the Dolomites.
Starting from Misurina, you walk up to a perfect plateau on a mountain that is steep on each side, forming an amazing number of perfect highlinespots. Armin and his friends did a perfect job providing infrastructure and food for all the highliners. I really liked a beautiful and very exposed 45m highline that I walked several times. It's so cool to have something not so hard to walk and be free to enjoy the exposure and that bit of fear that just won't go away with the years of practice.

The other meeting was on Kost Castle near Prague. I was invited to a big Adidas-Event in Prague where I did some highline shows with the local highliners and gave a talk about my projects. After the event I went to the meeting.
The location is just perfect and the Chech are some crazy and super nice bunch of people. It was just sad I didn't have more time.

When I see so many newcomers I feel how important it is to keep safety standards high in highlining. You tend to get lazy when you do it all the time. And be sure to have an eye on the tension! There is no need for super hard highlines anymore. I fully support the trend of slack highlines and I invested a good amount of training to get used to this new style instead of pushing my limits in length.